The xAPI is both a technical specification and an Application Programming Interface (API). It provides the ability to record real-time learning activities from any platform or application—from traditional LMSs to mobile devices, simulations, wearables, and more. The xAPI was created to address gaps in SCORM, such as offline training, team-based learning, mobile learning, and anything accessed outside of a web browser. One of the main goals of xAPI is to provide a full picture of an individual or team's learning experiences.

We were key contributors to the xAPI Specification while working at ADL and still continue to provide leadership and support to the xAPI community today. Below are just a few types of xAPI strategy consulting services that we offer. Contact us to discuss other options.

Training & Workshops

Hands-on training and workshops tailored to your organization's needs, from introductory to advanced topics.

Needs Assessment

We can help find gaps by clarifying problems and identifying appropriate interventions or solutions.

Implementation Analysis

We'll help consult on your implementation design or development strategy to support xAPI content and analytics on any device or platform.

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